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Experience 4 Seasons of Fun at Ober Mountain

Did you know there’s a ski resort right in Gatlinburg? Ober Mountain [formerly Ober Gatlinburg Amusement Park & Ski Area] is a popular year-round tourist destination in the Smokies and it’s not hard to see why.

The Smoky Mountains are truly one of the great wonders of nature in the United States. They stretch over two states, span 384 miles, and offer so much to see and do in towns like Gatlinburg.

One of the best Smoky Mountains ski resorts, Ober Mountain offers year-round fun and plenty to do, whether you want to ski, shop, see wildlife, get a bite to eat, or even go tubing. You can take an aerial tramway right into Ober Mountain and let your adventure begin.

Ober Gatlinburg - Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Ober Mountains | photo via @obergatlinburg

Getting to Know Ober Mountain

You may not automatically think of skiing when you think of the Smokies, but skiing Gatlinburg has long been a part of Ober Mountain’s appeal.

Its predecessor, the Gatlinburg Ski Resort opened in 1962, which means there’s been a place to ski in the Smokies for 60 years. In 1973, the Gatlinburg Aerial Tramway opened, and in 1977, the two companies merged to become Ober Gatlinburg. In 2023, the company switched hands and was renamed Ober Mountain.

Through the years, different attractions have been added to add to the park’s appeal. An upper mall was added in 1892 and snow tubing was added as an activity in 2008.

In 2012, a SnowMagic snowmaking system was installed at Ober Mountain. This provides several benefits, including allowing the area to open up before natural snow starts falling. The area gets about nine inches of snow a year, so the ability to make its own snow keeps the skiing opportunities going longer into the year.

Ober Gatlinburg - Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Ober Mountain | photo via @89linz

Best Things to Do at Ober Mountain TN Year-Round

As its name implies, Ober Mountain was first created as a ski area. So if you love winter outdoor sports, you can spend plenty of time skiing and snowboarding Gatlinburg.

But the area offers so much more than that and so much to do no matter when you visit, whether you want to spend time outside or stay inside shopping and dining. There are plenty of seasonal activities as well as year-round attractions to enjoy.

Ober Gatlinburg - Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Ober Gatlinburg | photo via @amandalovesthemouse

Winter Fun at Ober Mountain

Ober Mountain is the place to go if you’re looking for winter fun and is considered one of the best things to do in Gatlinburg in December through March. Not only does the area offer many fun activities, but it also offers equipment rentals, including jackets, snow pants, helmets, and more.

Skiing & Snowboarding Gatlinburg TN

If you want to ski in the Smokies, Ober Mountain is the place to go. Whether you’re spending a day or a long weekend, this is a great way to start your adventure.

Let’s say you’re visiting Gatlinburg in December and are looking to enjoy a day of Gatlinburg TN skiing, you won’t want to miss taking the best ski lift Gatlinburg offers to the top of Ober mountain. Typically, the ski season here lasts from early December to about mid-March, depending on the weather conditions.

Ober Mountain offers two advanced slops as well as two beginner runs and six intermediate slopes, so you can hit the slopes no matter what your skill level is.

Ober Gatlinburg - Skiing - Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Ober Mountain – Skiing | photo via @therealdjred

Ober Mountain Snow Tubing

Ober Mountain snow tubing is something you just need to experience for yourself. Snow tubing season also begins on the Sunday before Thanksgiving and goes through March.

Think of riding an inner tube on a summer day. Now picture that, but gliding down a snowy hill. The area has a Magic Carpet outdoor escalator that takes visitors back up the hill once they reach the bottom.

Sessions are typically 90 minutes long and the tubing hill is 350 long with a 50-foot drop. If you’ve got young kids, they need to be accompanied by an adult when tubing.

Ober Gatlinburg - Snow Tubing - Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Ober Mountain – Snow Tubing | photo via @ashleighthatgirl

Take Time to Relax

After an active day of Gatlinburg TN skiing, relaxing is the perfect way to cap the day. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or you just want to sit and relax, the choice is yours. You can visit the Loft Lounge for a beer, a cocktail, or a glass of wine, as well as something to nosh on and enjoy scenic dining while you do.

If you’re out and about, you can also visit one of the multiple snack bars for a quick bite or take time to visit one of Ober Mountain’s 15 different shops.

Have Fun Ice Skating

Ice skating Ober Mountain is possible year-round, including in the summertime. That’s because the area offers indoor ice skating year-round for experienced skaters and those just learning to ice skate. So grab a pair of skates and spent an afternoon gliding around.

Ober Gatlinburg - Ice Skating - Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Ober Mountain – Ice Skating | photo via @nicolefeller_

Spring Fun at Ober Mountain

When the snow melts and the weather warms up, Ober Mountain is the place for family fun. Some of the best spring activities include:

Slide Down the Alpine Slide

Grab a sled and prepare to slide down the Smokies. Visitors can take the scenic chairlift to the midway point of the mountain and slide down on one of two tracks, all while controlling their speed.

If you love thrill rides, challenge friends or family to races as you take in the great views of the mountains.

Ober Gatlinburg - Alpine Slide - Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Ober Mountain – Alpine Slide | photo via Ober Gatlinburg

Play a Round of Mini Golf

Mini golf is always fun, but imagine playing it on top of the Smokies. The O’Bears mini golf course offers 18 holes at the base of the scenic chairlift. Try your best to beat your family and friends as you steal views of Mount Harrison.

The course is closed in the winter but is open in the spring, summer, and fall.

Ride the Carousel

Every amusement park area needs a carousel and Ober Mountain has this classic ride to offer fun for the whole family. Hop on a horse and relax as you spin round and round.

Ober Gatlinburg - Carousel - Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Ober Gatlinburg – Carousel | photo via Ober Gatlinburg

Summer Fun at Ober Mountain

Winter is the peak season for snow fun, but that doesn’t mean the fun stops when the snow melts. Some of the best summer activities include:

Go on a Water Raft Ride

What better way to cool off during summer than with a water raft ride? Shoot the Chute on a super-fast ride to the bottom of a splash pool or take a ride on the Lightin’ Water Ride open-air water slide. Either way, you’ll be all smiles the whole time.

See Animals on the Wildlife Encounter

The Wildlife Encounter at Ober Mountain is a privately funded zoo with many animals to see. Visitors will delight in seeing the encounter’s black bears, cute river otters, and other animals like foxes, bobcats, turtles, and birds of prey.

Ober Gatlinburg - Wildlife Encounter - Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Ober Mountain – Wildlife Encounter | photo via @mtmholladaymtm

Ride the Ski Mountain Coaster

This is another year-round attraction that’s fun for the whole family. It starts with a relaxing 1,000-foot scenic ride to the top and from there, a rider can control their speed as they zig-zag, dip and turn down the mountain. Strap in and prepare for a fun ride.

Fall Fun at Ober Mountain

Fall in the Smokies is always a fun time and Ober Mountain offers lots to do once you take the Ober Mountain tram ride up.

Explore the Trails at Ober

Open from late May through October, the Trails are one of the area’s newer attractions. Once visitors take the scenic chairlift to the trailhead, they can hike through the woods around the ski slopes that border the Smokies.

The trails are fairly easy to navigate and offer plenty of beautiful scenery and chances for photo ops.

Ride the Scenic Chairlift

One of the area’s most peaceful activities is the scenic chairlift, where you can see all the pretty fall colors without having to hike. The ride takes you up more than 3,400 feet above sea level — higher than any chairlift in Gatlinburg.

Sit back and enjoy the smooth ride and incredible views you won’t find anywhere else.

Ober Gatlinburg - Scenic Chairlift - Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Ober Mountain – Scenic Chairlift | photo via @89linz

Climb the Rock Wall

This 30-foot rock climbing wall is also a newer attraction and is a great activity for climbers of all ages. Enjoy climbing to the top and rappeling to the bottom as you test your skills.

Ober Mountain FAQs

If Ober Mountain is on your bucket list of places to visit, here are some frequently asked questions and answers to help guide you as you plan your trip.

When is Ober Mountain open?

Ober Mountain in Gatlinburg TN is open year-round and actual open hours can be found here.

Does Ober Mountain have fake snow?

No. The snow at Ober Mountain is not fake, but the snow made by the snowmaking system has a different crystalline pattern than regular falling snow and is more durable as a result.

How much does Ober Mountain cost?

Ober Mountain has several different kinds of admission wristbands available that allow access to different attractions. Tickets for the Ober Mountain aerial tram are also required and not included in the wristband prices since it’s a separate attraction.

How long do you spend at Ober Mountain?

The simple answer is that it depends on how busy it is and what you plan to do. If you’re only taking the aerial tram up the mountain and coming back down, it may be an hour. If you plan to spend some time doing activities like summer tubing, you may be there for several hours at a minimum.

Can you drive to Ober Mountain?

Yes, you can drive to Ober Mountain in Gatlinburg TN. There’s about a three-mile, uphill mountain drive from the tram stop in downtown Gatlinburg to the top of the mountain. Parking only costs $10, but space may be limited depending on when you visit.

Ober Gatlinburg - Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Ober Mountain | photo via @charlieblackbird

Plan Your Visit to Ober Mountain Now

With so many tourist attractions and fun year-round activities, the best time to visit Ober Mountain in Gatlinburg Tennessee is right now.

The whole family can enjoy the wide array of snow-centric activities, take in scenic views of the Smokies from a variety of spots, and get lost exploring all the restaurants and shops there. Nestled in the Smokies is a place that’s calling you for an adventure, so start planning your trip today.

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