year-round snow fun at Pigeon Forge Snow

Chill Thrills Await at Pigeon Forge Snow in the Smokies

Pigeon Forge Tennessee averages about 6 inches of snow each year. Yet for the past five years, it has snowed daily. How is that possible? It’s the creative minds behind Pigeon Forge Snow, an indoor snow park.

Even more fascinating is that you don’t need to dress for freezing temperatures, either. The room temperature sits around 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, you only have to pay if you play. Otherwise, you can hang out in the “cool” attraction for free.

Pigeon Forge Snow sounds as magical as Frosty the Snowman himself, so let’s explore the winter wonderland that has been ranked among the Best of the Best by the American Bus Association.

Pigeon Forge Snow	Pigeon Forge
Pigeon Forge Snow | photo via liss374

What Is Pigeon Forge Snow?

Pigeon Forge Snow calls itself America’s First Indoor Snow Park. Driven by the lack of snow in the lower elevation of the Smokies, the owners decided to make dreams come true for thousands of people who visit each year.

“We have a lot of visitors coming up from Southern states that have actually never seen snow before, and it got me thinking, ‘what can we do to bring snow to those kinds of people?'” owner Matthew Ayers told Knoxville’s WVLT. “A year and a half later, we put snow inside of a building.”

That was 2018, and the snow keeps falling 365 days a year. The building is 35,000 square feet, making plenty of space for half a dozen or so snow tubing lanes, the magic carpet to the top, and the snow play area. A gift shop, overlook, snack bar, and selfie spot offer more opportunities to explore on your snow day. The lobby even has massage chairs.

Where Is Pigeon Forge Snow?

Another great reason to visit Pigeon Forge Snow is that you’ll get away from the flurry of activity and traffic of the Parkway without going too far. It’s located at 265 Teaster Lane, behind the Shops at Pigeon Forge and on the back side of The Island in Pigeon Forge.

Parking is free and plentiful in the connected lot. Also, you can walk there from The Island in about 15 minutes.

year-round snow fun at Pigeon Forge Snow
Pigeon Forge Snow | photo via Pigeon Forge Snow

How Do They Make Snow at Pigeon Forge Snow?

Ski resorts have been making snow for years, but how does Pigeon Forge Snow make it so plentiful in a warm room? There’s magic (patented) technology in the gear and under the floor that delays the melting process.

In addition, the snow is as simple as it gets — clean, frozen water. No chemicals, colors, or additives are needed to make a snow day happen.

After hours, a team spends the night adding new snow to the slides and play area. Throughout the day, you might get lucky enough to be in the play area when new snow is “falling.” Heck, feel free to catch a few snowflakes on your tongue like this kid did! Just don’t eat the snow on the ground.

Pigeon Forge Snow-Pigeon Forge-clizgosellhomes
Pigeon Forge Snow | photo via clizgosellhomes

Pigeon Forge Snow | How It Works

You don’t need reservations to play in the snow — just show up, and choose your package. Tickets are sold on a timed basis, so one ticket to use the snow tubing slopes gets you access for an hour. A ticket to the snow play area is good for 30 minutes. A combo pass is available with a discount for doing both activities, giving you 90 minutes of tubing and playtime together.

NOTE: The price is the same for kids or adults, but adults can watch for free from the overlook.

Snow Tubing

Once you have a ticket, you’ll grab an inner tube and ride the automatic walkway (magic carpet) to the top. An employee will be at the top to help you sit in the tube before you slide down. Once you’re ready, you’ll go down 225 feet, reaching speeds up to 30 mph. Then, you hop back on the magic carpet and do it all over again as many times as possible in an hour.

WATCH what a ride looks like from a tube.

Snow Play Area

Once you’re in the play area, you can get as creative as you want. Play in the snow, build a snowman, make snow angels, or carve a snow fort. The only thing you can’t do is throw snowballs. The snow depth ranges from a few inches deep to mounds of snow near the walls.

A seated area for parents is just on the other side of the snow play area, but there’s no age limit to enjoy the snow — feel free to jump in and play.

Pigeon Forge Snow-Pigeon Forge
Pigeon Forge Snow | photo via pigeonforgesnow

What to Wear Snow Tubing & Playing

Since the temperature inside is 60 to 70 degrees, there’s no need to layer up. Even coming in from a hot summer afternoon is comfortable in shorts and a T-shirt. You can wear street clothes without having to worry about changing or getting so wet that an additional change of clothes is needed.

At the same time, you can bring snow or rain boots, coats, or even seasonal attire for photo shoots. In the snow play area, you might want gloves if your hands get cold from building so many snowmen.

Pigeon Forge Snow Fine Print

You’ll need to sign a safety waiver for yourself and any children with you. To make it easy, you can fill out the paperwork ahead of time so that you’re ready to play as soon as you have your ticket.

The only requirements for the tubing hill are that children must be at least 3 years old and/or 38 inches tall. The maximum weight for adults is 375 pounds.

Tandem rides aren’t allowed, so children should be comfortable going solo. However, you can ride in the lane next to them if you’d like. Just look how much fun this adorable little girl is having!

While you’re there, look for Pops the Polar Bear to be greeting guests and even going for rides. He’s always happy when someone wants a photo with him.

Special Events at Pigeon Forge Snow

As long as you have a group of 15, you can plan a special event at Pigeon Forge Snow. Birthday parties are popular, and group packages are available. Plus, corporate events, field trips, and family reunions can be scheduled. Again, parents can come with their children to parties and watch for free.

The Gift Shop at Pigeon Forge Snow

You can buy mementos, snacks, and sweet treats at the gift shop, which looks like something only Willy Wonka could dream up. Walls of candy are mixed with stuffed animals and trending toys. T-shirts and hoodies of all sizes with the cute Pigeon Forge Snow logo are available for purchase in bright colors.

The Goat Coaster at Goats on the Roof-Pigeon Forge
The Goat Coaster at Goats on the Roof | photo via airtime_aesthetic

More Activities Near Pigeon Forge Snow

Those who like how this local business is run can cross over the Parkway to The Goat Coaster at Goats on the Roof. The same owner loves running both businesses and bringing smiles to the guests who come through.

Right next door is Guy Fieri’s Downtown Flavortown, an entertainment district under one roof with a bowling alley and 10,000 square-foot arcade. It’s part of the Mountain Mile of shops, restaurants, and the Mountain Monster thrill ride that flings and swings you up in the air so high that you’ll wonder how a little tubing hill ever made you a wee bit nervous.

If the kids still have energy to burn, MagiQuest is only three minutes away, providing several activities like a maze of mirrors and a treasure hunt adventure park.

It’s worth noting that locals’ favorite Pigeon Forge Deli is right across the street, buried at the back of a strip mall. This is one of the best hidden-gem dining experiences in Pigeon Forge and the Smokies, especially if you’re heading out for a long hike or want to take food back to your hotel or cabin.

The Inn at Christmas Place-Pigeon Forge
The Inn at Christmas Place | photo via sarahdaltonlewis

Lodging Near Pigeon Forge Snow

You can explore a variety of lodging options on Teaster Lane, which takes you away from the Parkway noise but is still within walking distance of major attractions.

Hampton Inn and Hilton Garden Inn are right next door to Pigeon Forge Snow and share an indoor and outdoor pool. Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott offers a free breakfast buffet.

A unique local stay is The Inn at Christmas Place, where the holiday spirit runs throughout the year. You can make that white Christmas dream come true between this inn and a visit to Pigeon Forge Snow.

Nearby at The Island of Pigeon Forge, Margaritaville Island Hotel gives off tropical vibes after a day of snow play.

Embracing Winter Magic Year-Round at Pigeon Forge Snow

With a unique blend of fun and excitement, Pigeon Forge Snow is a fantastic attraction for families, friends, and solo adventurers alike. Regardless of the season, this one-of-a-kind indoor snow park in Tennessee invites guests to dive into the joy of snow sports without the chill of winter.

From thrilling snow tubing slides to building snowmen and playing in the snow, Pigeon Forge Snow guarantees an unforgettable experience that brings the magic of winter to life year-round in the Smoky Mountains.

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