5 Tips for Fishing on Douglas Lake in the East Tennessee Smoky Mountains 

About Douglas Lake TN

Douglas Lake in Dandridge (Jefferson County) is a lush Tennessee Valley Authority reservoir with 555 miles of shoreline and 30,600 acres of water surface. The shoreline is mostly agricultural and residential, with undulating hills in the background.

How to Access the Best Fishing

You can certainly fish from the shores of Douglas Lake, but to maximize your chances of a plentiful catch, consider renting a watercraft. You can head into different areas of the lake, including one of the many coves that you could probably claim as your own.

What Kind of Fish are in Douglas Lake?

The most popular game fish for Douglas fishermen are largemouth bass, crappie, bluegill, and catfish. When sauger, walleye, and white bass make their late-winter spawning excursions to the headwaters, they provide excellent fishing opportunities.

License to Fish in Douglas Lake 

If you’re wanting to fish in Douglas Lake, make sure you have a valid Tennessee state fishing license. Residents and non-residents of the state require different types, so be sure to check the state government page.

More Things to Do on Douglas Lake

– In the summer months, water sports, picnicking, bird watching, and more are fun ways to enjoy the beauty of this man-made lake in the Smoky Mountains.

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