5 Best  Cades Cove Tennessee Things to Do

Henry Whitehead House

While driving or biking along the Cades Cove Loop, plan a stop at the historic Henry Whitehead House. This is an interesting location because there are two cabins sitting side by side on the property: the Whitehead cabin and the Gregory cabin.

Cades Cove Animals

For anyone who has an interest in wildlife observation, Cades Cove Tennessee offers a landscape within the park that is sure to please. In fact, viewing the animals native to the Cades Cove habitat has become an ongoing quest for regular park visitors.

Rich Mountain Road

Rich Mountain Road could be compared to that of “The Road Not Taken,” a poem written by Robert Frost. This scenic road runs for 7 miles through a serene landscape, providing a way to exit Cades Cove without dealing with traffic.

More Primitive Historical Sites

One of the most fascinating aspects of the Cove is the well-preserved group of buildings around the loop that formed a long-standing community. Here, you’ll find six cabins that were private residences, a working grist mill with a cantilever barn, and three churches.

Cades Cove Nature Trail

Take a break with a leisurely walk along this easy trail located on the back half of the Cades Cove Loop. The trail is lined with chestnut and dogwood trees.

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