Breath-Taking Views in the Smoky Mountains

You'll be in awe of gorgeous Smoky Mountain views that keep visitors coming back for more. Here are some of the best views in the Smoky Mountains.

Panoramic View from Mt. Cammerer

Mt. Cammerer is one of the highest peaks in the Great Smoky Mountains and thus offers incredible views not found elsewhere.

Sunset Views from Andrews Bald

Andrews Bald is the tallest grassy bald in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, standing at 5,920 feet above sea level.

Breathtaking Views from Clingmans Dome

If you want to experience the best views in Smoky Mountains NP, you’ll want to take a short (but steep trail) walk to the observation tower.

Scenic Grotto Falls Beautiful Waterfalls

Hike through an old-growth forest on the Trillium Gap Trail to arrive at the 25-foot popular waterfalls, be sure to walk behind them to cool off and see a more watery view of the world.

Stunning Views From the Top of Gregory Bald

This peak gets its moment of fame during early summer when flame azaleas cover the summit and those of different colors are scattered everywhere.

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