An Appalachian English Dictionary

Traveling to the Smokies? Before you visit, prep yourself by learning some of the most common Smoky Mountain words and Applachian English phrases.

Differences With an Appalachian Accent

 Words that end in an oh sound are replaced with an er sound. For example, the word hollow becomes holler.

Words About the Smoky Mountains’ Flora & Fauna

She-balsam — This refers to a fir tree.

Words Referring to People

Slick-faced — If you decide to shave off your five-o-clock shadow, then slick-faced is what you’ll be.

Some Smokies Conversational Terms

 Kindly — In standard English, kindly may be used to refer to doing something with a caring nature. In Appalachian English, it means kind of. For example, Matt kindly likes Alice.

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