2022 Guide to the Alum Cave Trail to Mount LeConte

Introducing the Alum Cave Trail to Mount LeConte

Don’t allow the popularity of this route scare you off. The geological diversity, fascinating history, and amazing scenery are worth the dodging and yielding that you will likely do with other hikers.

How to get to the Alum Cave Trailhead

Head out on Newfound Gap Road/US Highway 441 and go 12 miles south of Gatlinburg. You’ll find two parking lots, and sometimes that’s still not enough to contain all of the people going on the Alum Cave Trail to Mount LeConte.

From the Alum Cave Trailhead to Arch Rock

Starting out, you’ll ramble over an easy one-mile section that skirts the Alum Cave Creek, then the Styx Branch which is carpeted with rhododendron in the summertime.

From Arch Rock to Alum Cave

The next stretch of the trail covers 2.2 miles and brings you Alum Cave, a misnamed feature because it’s really a covered bluff, 80 feet high and about 500 feet wide. But it does provide a nice shade from the summer heat, and protection from rainstorms.

From Alum Cave Bluffs to Mt. LeConte Summit

Now the fun begins for the final 3 miles. You’ll keep ascending on narrowing rock cliffs with necessary cable handrails. In a few places, waterfalls tumble down the ledges, so cross these sections with care.

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