5 Best Cades Cove Tennessee Things to Do & More

About Cades Cove 

Before it became part of the park, the vast valley was used as hunting grounds by the Cherokees. The abundance of black bears, wild turkeys, white-tailed deer, coyotes, and other animals drew many Native Americans to the area, as well as the Europeans who followed.

Cades Cove Loop Road

A popular way for visitors to enjoy the beauty of the Cades Cove landscape is a drive along the 11-mile scenic loop. The one-way loop takes you near several attractions, such as Elijah Oliver Cabin, Abrams Falls Nature Trail, the Henry Whitehead House, Cades Cove Campground, and the Cades Cove Visitor Center.

Biking Cades Cove

Biking Cades Cove is an enjoyable and safe way to travel the road without dealing with traffic. So you’ll have not only exhaust-free air and safe riding conditions but also easier access to seeing the native wildlife and the primitive sites. Plus, you don’t have to worry about finding a parking place.

Cades Cove Animals

For anyone who has an interest in wildlife observation, Cades Cove Tennessee offers a landscape within the park that is sure to please. In fact, viewing the animals native to the Cades Cove habitat has become an ongoing quest for regular park visitors.

Henry Whitehead House

While driving or biking along the Cades Cove Loop, plan a stop at the historic Henry Whitehead House. This is an interesting location because there are two cabins sitting side by side on the property: the Whitehead cabin and the Gregory cabin.

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