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7 Questions to Ask When Searching for an Outdoor Wedding Venue in Gatlinburg TN

Searching for an outdoor wedding venue in Gatlinburg TN?

Then you probably have questions, and at the same time, you don’t quite know where to start in comparing all of the different options.

So to help you get started here’s a list of questions to ask when searching for an outdoor wedding venue in Gatlinburg TN.

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Are your packages all-inclusive? And what exactly does that include?

Not all all-inclusive packages are created equally. When some say all-inclusive they mean all of the ceremony pieces or all of the reception pieces.

Some may mean all of the food, drinks, and cake. And some may mean everything from flowers, to cake, to photos, to food, to music, and more.  

So be sure you know what all-inclusive means and what it’s actually covering.

Which outside vendors do you recommend?

Even if a package has absolutely every single thing you could need for a wedding, that doesn’t mean that you may not want to bring in a professional photographer or snag your own glamorous cake.

A venue should be able to recommend without hesitation vendors they work with regularly and whose work they admire.

How do you handle an inclement weather situation?

Every outdoor wedding venue in Gatlinburg TN should have a contingency plan for when the weather isn’t quite picture perfect. And it shouldn’t be a last-minute or fingers-crossed situation.

They should have a plan for the time and fashion in which the exact location of the wedding needs to change based on the weather.

Of course, if you’re dead-set on an outdoor wedding, make sure your wishes are known and be willing to work with a plan to postpone your celebration if that works in the day’s schedule.

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How much time do we get at the venue?

Some venues give you access the night before and some host multiple events in one day. To help you plan for photography and your daily schedule you’ll want to know how long you’ll have the venue for your event.

Which spaces (if any) are designated for you and the bridal party for getting ready?

You’ll definitely need to know if you have a space to get ready, and for how long, or if you’ll need to arrive ready to walk down the aisle. Ask about spaces for the guys and the girls, as well as spaces for anyone else who may need to change like the minister.

Are there places for the guests to stay?

Some venues have on-site lodging for guests. And some can recommend an inn or hotel nearby. Either way, be sure to consider the needs of your guests.

When guests are coming in from out of town, you’ll want to think about convenience, how easily they’ll be able to find things, and how they will get there.

How far out do you need to plan the wedding?

Most venues are taking reservations a year or two in advance. But some, if you’re looking for sooner, are already booked or only offer minimal time slots for weddings on certain dates.

If you’re wanting to have your wedding sooner than later, you’ll want to be sure to be they take reservations in that proximity to your date.

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