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Your Guide to a Great Gatlinburg TN Outdoor Wedding

You’ve done your homework and you know that the Smoky Mountains are within a day’s drive of over half the United States. You know what you need to do to get a great Gatlinburg wedding package. Now you want to make sure you have a gorgeous, great Gatlinburg TN outdoor wedding.

In a place as beautiful as the Smokies, having an outdoor wedding is a no-brainer. The views, the fresh air, the awe-factor make this an easy choice, and we could all use more easy choices when it comes to wedding planning!

But like any other wedding venue, Gatlinburg outdoor weddings are not without their unique obstacles. We’ve got you covered with this helpful list of 5 steps to a great Gatlinburg TN outdoor wedding!

1. Choose a venue that has AMAZING views.

You should absolutely get your money’s worth when it comes to your Smoky Mountain wedding day. Capitalize on the breathtaking views, the awe-inspiring peaks, the colors – no matter which season – and every other beautiful aspect of the Smokies.

gatlinburg tn outdoor weddings

2. Have a plan for the absolute best and ideal weather conditions.

In Gatlinburg, especially on a gorgeous mountain peak, you’re wanting sunshine with a slight cloud cover and temps in the 75-degree plus range.

What you don’t want under these conditions is a sweaty wedding party, anyone to pass out from locking their knees, or anyone to get uncomfortably warm.

Think about providing bottled water for your guests or fans that double as programs. Encourage the bridal party to use sunscreen and hydrate.

3. Have a plan for less than ideal weather conditions, too.

No oneĀ wants a storm to roll in on their wedding day, but it’s been known to happen. Make sure your wedding venue has a backup plan for inclement weather, like a beautiful space inside to host a wedding should it start to rain. Plan for umbrellas if it’s just a light sprinkle.

Also, be sure to have a plan with the wedding coordinator about the time you’ll have to change the site from outside to inside in the case of weather. Smoky Mountain rainsĀ tend to be short or last a day or more, so make sure you’re on the same page as you plan when to call it and go to Plan B.

gatlinburg tn outdoor weddings

4. Think of Outdoor Specific Special Touches

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, think of fun special touches that an outdoor wedding would have that would be different than an indoor venue.

This could be anything from specialty decor (we love that backdrop in the top picture!) to unique favors (like the bottled water and fan/programs we mentioned in #2), from individual seating to a fun arrival for the bride or bridal party.

With an outdoor venue, the ceiling is the sky, so the sky’s the limit on what you can do with an outdoor space to make it your own.

5. Get awesome photos!

With a great Gatlinburg TN outdoor wedding, your pictures will also be amazing. Use the mountains, wildflowers, foliage, trails – Anything! Everything! – to get great photos.

Great photos take great photographers. Here are a few of our favorite Smoky Mountain wedding photographers.

gatlinburg tn outdoor weddings

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