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6 Helpful Tips for Planning a Fall Wedding in the Smoky Mountains

Think about these six suggestions to plan your ideal and unforgettable fall wedding in the Smoky Mountains…

What place combines the majestic beauty of towering mountains and serene forests with unmatched Southern tradition for a memorable fall wedding? Well, it’s the Smoky Mountains, naturally.

Often called the wedding capital of the South, Gatlinburg, Sevierville, and Pigeon Forge have served as the backdrop for many ceremonies and receptions of all styles and budgets. Even if you’d like to elope in the Smokies, you can find that perfect Smoky Mountain wedding location to be joined in matrimony.

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1. Choose colors that mirror the season

The beautiful Smoky Mountain scenery bursts into a kaleidoscope of warm hues during autumn, including shades and variations of red, gold, brown, and orange. 

While the Smoky Mountain fall colors don’t necessarily have to represent your wedding color scheme, use them as complementary accents as a nod to the time of year and the surroundings for your wedding.

2. Hire a photographer and/or videographer skilled in dealing with the light

The Smoky Mountains present a special challenge for any photographer, with the high contrast shadows and lighting of the natural setting. Smoky Mountain wedding photographers will know exactly how to handle these tricky situations. After all, you also don’t want to leave pictures of your special day to chance.

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3. Consider using seasonal floral designs

While many brides and grooms always desire beautiful flowers for their weddings, think about in-season choices from Smoky Mountain florists to keep the costs down. 

Fall flowers include dahlias, gerbera daisies, hydrangea, stephanotis, and roses. Check with local floral designers to see what’s best to use for you.

4. Think about comfortable clothing and shoes

The terrain in many Smoky Mountains wedding venues is steep, uneven, and sometimes rocky.  Wearing expensive designer or dress shoes, especially for the bride and her party, may not be the best choice for walking to and from the altar. 

This also goes for guests. If you are having your ceremony outdoors in such a setting, inform your guests to dress slightly more casually than they would for a more formal affair. Save your dressy shoes for the reception.

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5. Plan a fall-themed reception menu

If you want to continue with the fall theme for your after-ceremony celebration, explore the possibility of including seasonal foods for your guests. 

Suggested menu items could be grilled game meats, pumpkin soup, side dishes incorporating root vegetables, apple tarts, spiked apple cider, or other dishes associated with autumn.  Your caterer will have suitable options for these kinds of foods.

6. Get a helping hand

If all of this planning seems too overwhelming or doesn’t fit well into your busy schedule, you may want to hire a local certified wedding planner to help you with all of these details.

A Smoky Mountains wedding planner can assist in setting up your ceremony, reception, and guest accommodations all in one place. Whether you choose to have an intimate indoor wedding for 20 guests or a larger outdoor wedding celebration of 70, you won’t have to worry about anything for your special day.

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