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4 Reasons to Get Married at a Smoky Mountain Bed and Breakfast

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When you’re planning your Smoky Mountain destination wedding, you are definitely not short on options for the location. Gatlinburg is the wedding capital of the south. With a plethora of wedding chapels and gorgeous views, it may seem like there are almost too many options, making the planning stressful and causing you to second guess the choices you have.

In planning a destination wedding in the Smoky Mountains, you don’t want just a beautiful venue, or an amazing view, or a great experience with the coordinator. You want all of those AND more.

Have you considered hosting your Smoky Mountain wedding at a bed and breakfast? Here’s 4 reasons to consider it…

4 Reasons to Get Married at a Smoky Mountain Bed and Breakfast

1. The Hospitality – The South is known for its hospitality. That comes out beautifully at a bed and breakfast. You will feel right at home in a new place. B&Bs specialize in making their guests feel extremely comfortable and completely taken care of.

Smoky Mountain bed and breakfasts don’t just have the gift of hospitality and comfort on the interior of their buildings. With the breathtaking views and the amazing ability to explore the Smokies, you’ll be able to feel the hospitality in the beautiful vistas that surround you.

And since you’ll want to get out an explore, the hospitality of B&Bs is second to none with their help in directing you to the best local places to check out, and offering additional services like packing picnic baskets for your day trips.

2. The Simplicity – If you’re planning a destination wedding, you and all of your guests will need a place to stay. How joyfully convenient it is to be able to stay together at the same place as the wedding and reception. This makes planning and logistics so much more stress free.

Simplicity isn’t just having heads in beds over your wedding celebration, there’s food and fun to think about. A bed and breakfast provides a delicious breakfast and amazing hospitality each morning and at some bed and breakfasts, like Christopher Place, you can also enjoy a delicious dinner experience.

And you can tap into that hospitality and get some help to plan each days’ activities for you and your guests to get the most of this amazing trip.

3. The Personal Touches – A bed and breakfast’s job is to see little things that other larger establishments might miss. This is such an amazing benefit to you and yours as your plan your unique celebration.

These personal touches will come out in every step of planning – from how wedding packages are designed to suggestions on food and music, from guest accommodations to the running of the big day. You won’t just be a number on a list of weddings. You’ll be a unique and special couple with a unique and special wedding.

4. The Intimacy – When you are tucked into a gorgeous bed and breakfast in the Smokies, there is something so intimately beautiful about any of the experiences that happen there. Think of that imagery as a part of your wedding celebration and we’re sure that you will love what you imagine.

The mountains and sky will be your witnesses as you say “I do” and each time you see those breathtaking views, you will be reminded of your vows and the incredible promise that you made.
Also with the size and coziness of a bed and breakfast your entire experience with your partner, your guests, and every other aspect will be intimate and close-knit.

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